"Agir en juif, c'est chaque fois un nouveau départ sur une ancienne route" Abraham Heschel

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IJC - Tricks of the trope : Chanting from the Torah / January and February

January 29, 2023 11


Course taught by Anneke Silverstein


When I chant from the Torah, the text comes alive. I sing the ta'amim and I notice how the melody fits the words and beautifies the parashah of the week. There is nothing more empowering than bending over the Torah scroll with the yad in your hand and chanting sacred melodies that were chanted in ancient Israel.

It is a beautiful mitzvah for our communities. We need more people on our Trope Team!


Have you ever wanted to learn how to chant (leyn) from the Torah?

Have you read Torah previously, but would like a refresher?


This 6-session course (in person) is open to members and non-members of IJC and Beth Hillel and provides a basic foundation for the Torah trope/Cantillation system used at the IJC & BH and through much of the Jewish world.

Upon completion, the course will offer each participant an opportunity to prepare a short (minimum 3-verse) passage for a Shabbat morning service. 



  • 6 sessions of 2 hours. (with a 15’ break in the middle), 12 hours total.  This will give people a decent foundation for a first introduction, and they will have all they need to continue by themselves.
  • Saturday after services from 1:30 -3:45 pm
    • January 7, 14, 21, 28
      February 4 and 11



  • History and overview of the cantillation system.
  • Understanding trope clauses and the punctuation around the Hebrew text from which we sing.
  • Introduction to the melodies of the Western Ashkenazi Torah trope which we use at the IJC & BH
  • Using movement and color coding to help memorize the different melodies.
  • Digital tools to help you practice cantillation at home.
  • Learning a short Torah reading and an opportunity to practice reading directly from the Torah scroll.
  • This is a skills-focused coursewe will tackle the te‘amim (cantillation marks) right from the start, adding new te’amim to our repertoire every session
  • Sessions will be workshop-style with a highly participatory teaching style aiming to give everyone independent practice at reading (with plenty of support).
  • I will provide a syllabus and audio files to practice.
  • The course will be taught in English



  • Able to read Hebrew with punctuation
  • Commitment to attend all sessions
  • Willingness to learn and to spend time in between sessions to practice
  • Encouraged to read from the Torah in person during service after the course is completed.
  • Full member of the Jewish community.



  • 150 euro/Non-IJC or BH member, 100 euro/IJC or BH member
I am also available for individual tutoring if people want to take private lessons.
If interested, please contact Anneke at